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Air Overview

Each year winter air pollution chokes the northern region of India. Meerut is among worst affected cities from air pollution.

Over the years, the Air Quality Index for Meerut has been recording even worse levels of air quality than Delhi. In the winter months, Meerut has recorded AQI over and above 350, which is considered as very unhealthy. On several occasions, the AQI levels in the city breached the level of 400, which is considered to be ‘hazardous’.

The prominent causes of pollution are similar such as industrial pollution, vehicular pollution, stubble burning, garbage burning, construction-based pollution, amongst others.

In the past few years, the legislature, executive, and judiciary have been tackling this issue head-on and have been trying to figure out concrete ways to mitigate the hazardous impacts of the toxic winter air pollution. Similarly, the Supreme Court is hearing this matter currently and is instructing all the state governments to follow certain steps for curbing air pollution. However, the quick fix solutions like banning construction activity, industrial activity for certain duration do not yield desired long term benefit.

MCF is undertaking following initiatives to bring focus to long term air pollution mitigation measures,

Air Quality Enhancement Initiatives by MCF