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Zero Waste to Landfill 11-07-2021 Environment


Meerut is known to be one of the most polluted cities. Most of city waste is either burnt or ends up in landfill, where it causes soil, water and air pollution, and may take up to hundreds of years to degenerate. The “Solid Waste Management Policy” of MoHUA has made it mandatory for large institutions, and colonies to self-manage 100% disposal of their waste. But the institutions, colonies, etc lack know how and wherewithal to handle disposal of own waste, and their waste either gets dumped on roadside, or adds up to MNN load of landfill.

The MCF has come up with “Zero Waste to Landfill” program to enable colonies and large institutions to 100 % dispose of their waste on their own.

The pilot program is being implemented by “Defence Colony, Meerut” with support of Meerut Citizens Forum. MCF shall provide hand holding for 3 months and help in sensitize residents to segregate waste at source, provide training to colony’s safaikarmis for keeping waste segregated and not burn it, ope-rationalize the colony’s green waste composting site that was in non-working condition, dispose off plastic and other waste through various recycling agencies.

MCF facilitated ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ program in Defence Colony Meerut in association with Meerut Nagar Nigam and ‘Basix’ NGO of Indore. Earlier mixed wet & dry waste was getting dumped on land outside colony. MCF team of 4 members & expert from ‘Basix’ surveyed the society residents for waste generation, and created public awareness for separate Dry & Waste disposal.

Composting facility that was earlier not in use, was properly made functional by MCF for composting of 100% wet waste getting generated in colony. A system for disposal of Dry / Plastic waste through recycle vendors / Nagar Nigam was put in place.

MCF expert made route map for waste collection by Safaikarmis of Defence Colony and organised training for them for proper collection & disposal as per ‘Zero Waste to Landfill System’.

The program was implemented for 4 months from dt___ to dt__ and was funded by MCF . After that, the Defence Society was able to achieve 100% Zero Waste to Landfill.