MCF strives to serve as City Owners Forum with following objectives:

  • To assist government departments / agencies in timely completion of city related projects by facilitation better coordination - at local, state and central level
  • To promote transparency in public procurement by local agencies
  • To work towards bringing the benefits of various schemes/projects to our city by relentlessly pursuing relevant central & state government agencies
  • To encourage citizens participation in achieving MCF's objectives
  • To build public awareness during Municipal elections so that all candidates / voters seek / cast votes based on city issues / development criteria only.
  • To research on various parameters related to quality of life in Meerut, e.g. - Air Quality, Water Quality, etc. and provide to decision makers in government for policy making, projects planning & execution.

To achieve these objectives the MCF will work to:

  • Develop and maintain a database of projects under planning / execution in the city to keep track of their progress and make efforts to remove bottlenecks, if any, by coordinating with relevant agencies
  • Present status reports, white papers, best practices from time to time to political leadership / city officials
  • Organize conferences and discussions on Best Practices in other cities by inviting subject specialists
  • Engage decision makers and citizens especially leveraging social media on issues of tropical interest
  • Build alliances with universities/NGOs in order to further the above objectives

If you wish to contribute by your ideas, time or in any way, please send us an email to